A graph of position versus time for a spring oscillation is shown below. The mass of the oscillator is known to be 2.00 kg . Answer the following…
August 13, 2020
1 discuss how companies choose target marketing strategy and identify attractive market segments improve your answer with examples 1
August 13, 2020
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a film review and answering the following question

Topic: Environmental Justice and Climate Change

Required Reading:

  1. Green New Deal Resolution
  2. A New Climate for Climate by Justin Worland (Time Magazine, April 1, 2019)

Movie: Before the Flood


Nearly 70% of Americans believe that climate change is taking place throughout the world. While most Americans believe that climate change depends on making deep structural changes to the world’s economies — such as ending fossil fuel extraction — people can accelerate the process in their own lives. Assess the New Green Deal and the balance between the role that average people can play and the macro-structural trends that impact climate change. Despite scientific evidence, not everyone believes in climate change. Why is that the case?


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