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An analysis of ethical problems

The proposal can either focus on 1) a case that has ethical implications or 2) an analysis of ethical problems
emerging from organizational functioning and operations or organizational policy. The proposal will:
1) Identify, define and discuss the ethical dilemma from practice that will be used in the final paper.
2) Present a comprehensive description of the issue, explaining all relevant facts and explicitly stating the
central ethical dilemma(s).
3) Analyze the issue selected, from all sides of the issue. Discuss the values that conflict as part of the ethical
dilemma: what are the opposing personal, professional and agency values at play, why they conflict, who are
the parties involved.
4) Provide a synopsis on how the dilemma is influencing your professional development
5) Provide a preliminary literature review of articles that are helping you think through the issues, consisting of
at least 2 annotated references

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