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analysis two questions for human resources

Please analyze these to question: please be very thorough and specific with answering these two analysis questions.

The first analysis question:

To: General Manager-Evansville Operations

From: Your Boss

I know you have spent a lot of time working on the Human Capital strategy for our new facility in Evansville, IN. Your work around those items has been outstanding. One of the important portions of our overall organization strategy is the desire to remain non-union. I know you recently attended a session with Jake Fulcher, a labor attorney in Evansville.

From that discussion, what do you see as the items that employees value the most? How will you apply that information to our new facility? What other important programs will you institute to maintain our non-union status?

I’ve attached an article that Mr. Fulcher referenced as well. Please consider that information as you analyze our situation.

the article in word file

I know you recognize how important this issue is to our success. Please provide a thorough analysis of this issue.

The second analysis question:

I recently read about a rewards model from World at Work.

Please Thoroughly describe the World at Work Total Rewards model detailing all the influences and the ultimate result. Please detail the elements of the Rewards Strategy and give examples of each. Give me your thoughts on the benefits portion and what you think we should emphasize in our rewards offering. Thanks.


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analysis two questions for human resources

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