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Analyzing hylomorphism

1) What is hylomorphism?
2) Was Aristotle complimentary to Plato’s Theory of Forms? 3 ) What are Aristotle’s Categories? (Include their purpose) 4) What was Aristotle’s understanding of the concept of cause? 5) What did Aristotle mean by Act and Potency? 6) What is the problem of Universals? 7) Are Universals real? 8) What did Plato mean by his definition of time? 9) What did Aristotle mean by his definition of time? 10) What is meant by Anaximander in his reference to Time? 11) Did St. Augustine think time is real? 12) What was Augustine’s solution to the problem of free will? 13) What did Libet discover in relation to the problem of free will? 14) What was the Leibniz/Clarke debate? 15) What were some of the implications of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in relation to the concept of time (only those discussed in class)? 16) How did Heidegger view time in relation to human existential concerns? 17) How did Boethius attempt to use time to resolve the problem between divine foreknowledge and free will? 18) Does the concept of a scientific law present any problems for free will? 19) Did Aristotle believe in the immortality of the soul?
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