A Critical Evaluation of Palliative Care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Using the Benchmarking Approach
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Assessment Part 2
Assessment Part 2: Evaluation Method: Audit or Benchmark
Due: Sunday 21 March at 11:30 hrs (end of Week 6)
Word Limit: Approximately 1,500 words
Weighting: 20%
Explain and justify the evaluation form or approach (method) that you will use to conduct the evaluation. This approach or method should be either an audit OR a benchmark. If students decide to choose another evaluation method, they must make an appointment with the Unit Convenor and justify their chosen approach at length.
Please note, students CANNOT use interviews or data collection strategies that will require approval from an ethics committee.
Marking criteria for Assignment Three
Evaluation Approach Possible mark
Explains the evaluation method they will use to conduct the health practice evaluation: Audit or Benchmark 7.5
Justifies the use of this evaluation form or approach, in light of their chosen topic and also the research literature 10
Appropriately presents and references the work. Adheres to the conventional academic style for scholarly papers i.e. APA Style 2.5
Total 20
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