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: accufit
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Mini Presentation on Current-Technology
Each student will choose a current technology concept or product (ex: Blackberry PDAs, tablet PC, Green Computing, WiMax, VoIP, Grid Computing, Cell-Phone Handsets, specific software, specific hardware devices, specific network technologies, modern technology-based businesses such as Amazon, NetFlix etc..) and make a short (Do NOT exceed 10 minutes to avoid penalty) presentation on the technology. Describe what it is, who makes it, cost/benefit issues, business impacts, customer impacts, & Technological Challenges/Greatness etc. Do not make it like a pure sales pitch (just describing features of a gadget etc) to get maximum points.
The student will make this presentation at the beginning of the class. Typically PowerPoint slides, Websites, and/or video-clips are used. Give me the date on which you want to present. If a topic selected by another student is used, try to discuss it in a different angle to get most points. If a student fails to present on the chosen date, the points for this activity will be forfeited
LensCrafters’ exclusive AccuFit™ Digital Measurement System measures your eyes five times more precisely than traditional methods, down to a tenth of a millimeter. Meaning you get to see your world more clearly.
• Custom fit your frames
We adjust the frames of your choice to fit the unique contours of your face.
• Attach the FitSensor™
Our FitSensor attaches to your frames to provide clear guiding points for your eyeglass measurements.
• Capture digital measurements
AccuFit precisely measures the location of your pupils and spacing of your eyes relative to your frames.
• Find your perfect fit
We determine the ideal placement of your AccuFit prescription, down to a tenth of a millimeter, to make your glasses, and your vision, a perfect fit.
Only LensCrafters uses the exclusive AccuFit Digital Measurement System to craft custom, prescription lenses more accurately. Watch the video to see AccuFit in action.
See it all with clearer, crisper vision when your custom eyeglass and sunglass lenses are customized just for you. Roll over topics on the right for more information on ways custom made lenses help you see your world more clearly.
With the myLook app, see yourself clearly in four different glasses at once so you can choose, perfectly. myLook is designed to help you look, feel, and see your very best. Need a second opinion? We can email images of you in each frame to you, your friends, and family to help you decide.
We know how important it is for you to love how you look in your new glasses. Watch the video to learn more about the myLook app and the online web tools that will help you in your quest.
Finding the perfect frames
How can you see what you look like in new frames if you’re not wearing your glasses? The answer is myLook. An associate will capture pictures of you in the frames you selected using our myLook camera application. Afterward, compare the photos side-by-side while wearing your current glasses and choose your style confidently.
Selecting the right lenses
From special coatings and tints to high definition lenses, there’s a lot to consider when choosing custom lenses. The LensSimulator lets you experience the benefits of different lenses virtually so you can determine which ones will work best for you.

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