Topic: Amsterdarm
Order Description
1. Locate a luxury rental properties for the couple. They are willing to spend up to $700 US dollars a night ($4,900US per week) for the rental. Your report should indicate the price of the rental in both US dollars and the currency of the country.
2. Property Information:
a.Type of property (apartment, condo, house)
b. Location of property (general area or specific address)
c. Rent per night/calculation of rent for 30 day period (US and country currency)
d. Additional fees, if any, associated with rental
e. Amenities of the rental (beds/baths, common living space,pool, etc.)
f. Technology aspects
g.Location of airport in relation to property
3. Amenities of area
a. Local services near proper
ties (grocery, banks, etc.)
b. Recreational activities on or near property
c. Dining near property
4. Information on city/country
a. Transportation within city/country
b. Weather
c. Crime
d. Electricity
e. Seasonal information (holidays, customs associated with seasonal events , etc.)
f. Language
g. Country customs (tipping, dining, nonverbal gestures, topics to avoid, etc.)
h. Currency/currency exchange (give date on which you found exchange rate)
i. Location of American Embassy
j. Travel warnings/advisory
k. Time difference between CST and country
l. Tourist Attractions

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