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Dear, this assignment is to analyze the movie “Schindler’s List” and to specifically answer these questions :
1- What is the key emotional value of the film? Which main character embodies this emotional belief from the very beginning, rather than resisting it?
2- What character is exactly the opposite in his heart at the beginning but comes to embody this value by the end? That is, which character, emotionally speaking, changes the most in relation to the key emotional value?
3- For the character above describe how the difference between ‘who they are in the beginning’ conflicts with ‘who they need to be by the end of the film’. It’s really a 2 word answer: This character (?) begins as a man who believes ______ , and discovers that ________ is a good thing.
4- For the character above, cite two examples of how you tell he is changing emotionally during the course of the story? (Hint: Maybe you know that he/she has always done a certain thing in a certain way, or for a certain reason, but is now doing something different than he/she ever would have done before the story.)
NOTE, this is the link of the movie on IMDB:
No need to have references. You should focus on the questions

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