Asian art essay
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Research Paper (20 points)
Text: Font #12, Times New Roman: typed, double-spaced], margins:1’’
Write a Research Paper, Six – pages long (#12 Times new Roman, double space.) The research is based on at least 5 scholarly – art historical sources that are specific to your topic.
Choose your own paper topic from the material, countries, and time period of this course.
In case that the paper is OFF-topic, and deals with a subject OUTSIDE our class material, it is graded with an F. So, do not write a paper on the French Impressionists, but on the material we cover in class, the Art of South, East and Central Asia! Observe the Paper Requirements in part C!
A. Your paper shall deal with the visual and artistic analysis of Asian works of art (from prehistory to no later than1900,) their prominent characteristics and significance of their style and foremost with their connection to the religious/ social/ political/ and economic factors of the period and culture that produced them. This paper is based on Research of art historical Scholarly sources and evolves around a thesis-statement, which you argue and prove!
B. Steps to Writing the paper:
1..Find at least five scholarly Sources (books or articles) that handle your topic/and artwork and start your Research. Our textbook is not accepted as a source. If you are not able to find five such sources, change your subject and choose one that has more books written on it! You find sources in a library- books, catalogs and databases on the web. Also use the Public library
2..Read the sources, taking Notes
3..Identify the main idea that you want to address in this work. What is exceptional about this work of art? What is intriguing about it? This “idea” will ultimately become the Thesis or Main Idea of your paper which you argue and prove! Attention: a historic Fact does not make a good Thesis!
4…Organize your notes and jot down the important issues that you want to address! If you want you could create an outline of your paper; with a list of the most important issues you want to discuss. Develop these issues and write your draft.
5..Give the draft to a friend, parent, CRC writing center, for proofreading. Get feedback. Incorporate corrections from Feedback
6…Ask yourself: Do I have a thesis statement? Do I prove it through my arguments and research?
7…Improve/develop your arguments. Complete research and write your Final Paper.
C. Paper Requirements:
1. Six pages of text (#12, Times New Roman, double-spaced.) The text includes a, b, c:
a) the Introduction, which presents your subject and a strong Thesis,
b) the main Body of the Paper, consisting of all your paragraphs, which have now fully developed ideas and argumentation, they place your subject in its social and historical context, and they support and prove your Thesis, using analysis of artworks, comparisons, examples, references to other artifacts, citations or quotes from your research
c) the Conclusion, which in short sums up your main idea and arguments.
2. Footnotes, or in-text Parenthetical notes that indicate the Source of your information(author, page#)
3. Bibliography (= list of five or more sources) All -5- five or more books/articles with title, author, year, publisher or web address. Our textbook cannot be one of the sources. May use MLA
4. Images of art: photocopies or digital, placed Not inside the text but on the 7th page.
Some TOPIC Suggestions for the 2nd Paper:
(these are only topics; you still need to find and prove a thesis)
Secular art of India (too broad, you need to narrow it down)
Buddhist architecture: places of worship.
The Development of the Buddhist Pagoda in East Asia
Man, Nature, and Daoism in Chinese Painting
Japanese Edo society and the art of Woodblock Prints (Ukiyo-e)
The Image of Buddha throughout East Asia (or in specific: Buddha images in Thailand)
Rock-cut Temples (Ajanta, Elura and Elephanta)
Central Asian Influences: Paintings and sculpture (in the Bamiyan and Dunhuang Caves)
Chinese (and -or Indian) Influences on the Art of the Countries of Southeast Asia

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