Assignment 2: Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan (Value: 40 points; Due Week 5, 7) (Learning Environments) (NAEYC 1a, 1c Child Development)
Note to Course Instructor: This course assignment has been designated as an NCATE Assessment for which we are collecting program data on the performance of the candidate. After reviewing this assignment, please link to the Assessment System at
The purpose of this assignment is to create a comprehensive plan to guide and support behaviors to create an active, cooperative, and positive learning environment for young children. In your plan you will identify ways to create a supportive learning environment that fosters the children’s social and emotional development.
There are three parts:
Part 1: Purpose of the Plan (NAEYC 1a, 1c, 2a, 5d) (5 points, Due week 5)
• Begin by identifying a target age-group as the focus of your guidance plan. Provide a description of the age group developmental characteristics including cultural and linguistic differences, and special needs. Describe the setting and provide a demographic profile about the target group including family and community characteristics. (NAEYC 1a, 2a)
• In a narrative, describe your views on the role of guidance to support children’s social and emotional development. Explain your views and goals for children’s behavior. Select a developmental theory to frame and support your views on guiding children’s social development (What are your views on guidance? What theory describes your position on guidance?) (NAEYC 1c, 5d)

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