Assignment 9.2: Final Conclusions about Research Marriage Equality and Same-Sex Couple Adoption
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write a concluding paper that addresses the following questions:
How has your perspective on the topic changed since the beginning of the course? How? If not, why do you think it stayed the same?
What is the most interesting/surprising thing that you learned about your topic since the beginning of the course?
If you could propose any ‘solution’ to your social problem, what would that solution be?
How has your understanding of the subject been informed by your research?
What obstacles did you face during the project? How did you overcome them?
How did you think Creatively? Curiously? Knowledgeably? Open-mindedly?
Include any additional comments that you have your topic making sure to include aspects from each of the previously written papers about the topic.
Include a detailed analysis of your intended audience.
Complete your final paper
the paper must have
• APA Styling
o Times New Roman
o 12 point font
o double-spaced
• Cover Page
• Reference Page
o Minimum of one unique source per paper
o You will need at least two periodicals, one of which should be a scholarly journal.
o One source should be a current event article from the last three years.
• In-text citations
• Running Head
• Page Numbers
• 500 – 750 words
Include Word Count Total

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