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Students may earn up to 25 points toward their final course grade by reading 2 course-relevant SCHOLARLY PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL articles from the APUS online library and submitting two separate brief 2-3 page summary reports for each. These article summaries must include: the name of the article, the authors and their affiliations, the publication information, and an explanation of the major hypotheses, research methods, results, and implications of the findings. Summaries also should include a brief explanation of the article selection (that is, why you selected it) and a minimum of two links to textbook and other class material. To earn full credit, the summaries must be substantive, coherent, well organized and spelling/grammar error free.
For this assignment, two separate summaries must be submitted as two separate papers for grading (one summary paper can’t be submitted for partial credit). Essay style papers and/or those citing more than one article are not eligible for credit consideration. Extra credit in this course means in addition to rather than in place of the work required of every student. These papers should not be considered as substitutes for skipped discussion assignments or tests. APA formatting and source crediting style must be used. Both summaries are due by 11:55pm on Sunday at the end of Week 5 of the course term and cannot be submitted for evaluation beyond that date, but they may focus on a topic not scheduled until later in the term if the student so desires (this will require reading ahead to get a sound grasp of content beyond Week 5 and not just scanning the text table of contents).

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