Base the assignment on your research into any one of the following research questions. Develop your own example of a case (a business or corporation) to illustrate the positive and negative outcomes you identify. (choose one of the research questions below)
1. Why do companies use sweatshops, and what are the impacts of that for business and for society?
2. Why is child labour used by some corporations, and how does this impact on the conditions of children’s lives and the society they live in?
3. Why is discrimination (e.g. due to race, ethnicity, gender, disability or age) considered a problem for society, and what role should business play to avoid its impacts?
4. Why should consumers be protected from business activities (e.g. products and advertisements) and what are the risks of ignoring consumer rights?
5. Why is the environment considered a business stakeholder, and what are the consequences for business and for society of ignoring it?
6. Why are some businesses moving into “alternative ethical practices” (e.g. fair trade) and what are the impacts on society and on business?
And follow the instructions under the heading:
• The process of research involves the following steps:
• The preparation of the research report assignment involves:
• Marking criteria and standards
academic references minimum 7 (harvard style)

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