Topic: Behaviour strategies teachers use to improve management of students with ADHD in year
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Assignment 2: Action Research Plan- 40%
You are required to design a comprehensive action research plan that explores your focus area that you have discussed in your literature review. Your plan must include the following components and headings:
? Cover page (title and author’s name)
? Introduction- what it is – i.e. the nature of the focus area;
? Significance- why is the investigation of this topic important for you as a graduate teacher and for the wider educational community; why is it important for primary education and/or professional practice
? Background- the most salient information from your literature review on the topic; this is not new work – it is essentially a summary of the Conclusion statement from Assessment 1: Literature Review.
? Research question/s- the specific question to be examined (a clear and concise statement of the aspect of the focus area you will be exploring, stated as a question, along with appropriate sub-questions and definitions/ explanations).
? Method- a detailed description of the approach and methods you will use to answer the research question/including the type of research, your data collection techniques, your data analysis procedures; (the type of research you are undertaking; how you will undertake the research, including non-technical descriptions of data collection and analysis techniques).
? Research ethics- a clear statement regarding the ethical considerations you would need to take into account throughout the project – including the Department of Education and Training (DET) policy, permission and informed consent. You also include a discussion of any potential ethical dilemmas associated with your research and how you would deal with these; a comprehensive statement about the ethical issues for your proposed investigation and how these will be attended to.
? Action- a discussion of how you might go about taking action as a result of your potential findings. Outline how you might implement any potential changes to practice.
? List of References – 10 references are sufficient
NOTE: The length of the plan should be no more than a maximum of 3000 words not including cover page, appendices and references and should be referenced according to APA 6th edition.

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