Topic: Biggest Troll in the Circle
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Required Text: Eggers, Dave. The Circle. New York: Vintage. 2014
Essay Prompt: Who is the biggest/worst (most “troll”-ish) troll in The Circle?
You are welcome to define “troll” however you like without going too far away from the usual understanding of a troll as being someone who is purposely antagonizing. Therefore, you’ll be defining who the “victim” of your troll is accordingly. Do share your definition with your audience in the usual way and in the usual place in your paper: in the opening/thesis paragraph, as you are setting the stage for your audience.
Underline your thesis statement.
There is no “right” or “wrong” answer here. Or, the only “wrong” answer/thesis is one that doesn’t provoke reasonable and educated counterargument. If you can prove it via rigorous analysis, your answer is “right.” Right? Yes!
Do reference the Eggers’ text in this paper. A good rule of thumb is to include one bit of textual support per paragraph, perhaps you will use Eggers throughout the paper and perhaps you will find outside sources. Outside sources, however, are not required.
Double-space the document and use one inch margins all around as well as a reasonably sized and designed font in black only. Do not justify margins. (MLA formatting guidelines.)
Include your name and include a worthwhile and original title. I
Introduce your topic clearly in the opening paragraph and offer a clear, argumentative thesis at the end of your opening paragraph.
Be sure to include at least one selection from the reading in your discussion (the rule of thumb is one selection per paragraph) and to formally introduce the text(s) and integrate all quotes.
Include proper MLA citations when necessary and a Works Cited page as the last page of your paper.
The final submission should be approximately 1,500 words.
Things you don’t need to be reminded of: answer the question directly and completely, provide clear reasoning, and provide specific evidence to support your claims. Do not speak in the first-person or reference your own personal experience. Make it universal or leave it out. Do think critically. Tell your audience what we don’t know, what is only found in your precious brain: your thesis and why it is so.
DUE 5/11/16

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