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Essay Topic:
Choose any celebrity who has a strong global presence. This could be a president, a first lady, a religious leader, a singer, an actor, or a sports figure. You are not bound to choose a US celebrity if you’d like to discuss one from another country. Identify what kind of celebrity this is (with fame inherited, earned through talent, or solely created by media). Explain how this figure came to be a global celebrity and discuss his or her social meanings for global audiences. What ideas and values does this celebrity image contain that resonate across the world?
This is an argumentative essay and should include the following components:
1.A debatable claim or thesis. Don’t state the obvious. Your claim should be memorable and provocative. The idea is to provoke debate and new understanding, and to convince your audience that you have an important point to make and to have them accept your proposition. When asked, you should be able to underline your claim/thesis.
2.Reasons. Once you’ve figured out your claim, list 3-4 reasons in support of that claim. Think of the reader who asks, “What makes you say that?” or “Why should I believe that?” Each of these reasons can form the basis of a paragraph.
3.Evidence. Support each reason with examples, data, and other forms of evidence. You *must cite two sources from the class readings* and will need to do a bit of research. Make sure to correctly cite all sources you use in the paper.
4.Arguments often acknowledge alternative points of view. You may want to include this in a brief section.

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