Topic: Book Report over Leadership (any leadership book)
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Book Report Instruction
You are charged with reading a leadership-related book and writing the book report. You have complete discretion to select a book that you are interested in reading and reporting. However, the
topic of the book should be related to the general area of leadership. Articles from academic journals, magazines, or online resources are not appropriate. Your book report should cover, at least,
the following: 1. The book’s title2. The name of the author 3. A brief summary of the book 4. Lessons that you learn from the book 5. Your disagreements to the book 6. Conclusion Formatting
Requirements: 1. 5 pages in length. 2. Double spacing. 3. 12-point Times New Roman. 4. 1-inch margin on all sides. 5. Page number (bottom centered). 6. Indent paragraphs (no space between
7. APA 6th edition references

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