Topic: Brand management for fashion
Order Description
Students are required to write a 2000 word essay the subject of fashion branding. As part of the essay students will develop a literature review about the subject area. Further information about essay writing and writing a literature review will be provided to students. Students will be required to read beyond class notes to ensure that their work demonstrates a broad understanding of the subject. Students may consider a number of areas; the importance of brands, brand equity, or brand personality for example. You may choose to focus on one area and read more deeply on this aspect or you may discuss branding more broadly. You MUST use new literature that has not be used or discussed in class.
Feedback will ONLY be done in class sessions and through a blackboard questions and answers area. Students are there required to attend these sessions if they require formative feedback on their work. This is to ensure fairness for all students in the feedback process.

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