British Literature


1. Give three characteristics of a metaphysical poem (examples from SG: philosophy, conceits, symbolism, contemplates man’s place in the universe, religion) and illustrate each of them with a
specific example from Donne or Herbert (examples of work to choose from below).
2. Discuss the parallels between Books I and III in Paradise Lost and their significance: visual description of hell vs. heaven; council in hell vs. heaven; Satan the volunteer vs. the Son;
the mission of Satan vs. the mission of the Son.
3. How does Dryden use allusions to Paradise Lost in Absalom and Achitophel and the bible to discuss the politically sensitive issue of succession?
4. How does Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” both appropriate and mock the values
Of the Eighteenth century?
Attached below:
1. Donne’s or Herbert’s poetry to choose from (the numbers represent page numbers from The Norton Anthology of English Literature):
The Sun Rising 1376
The Canonization 1377-1378
The Flea 1373
A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning 1385-1386
Holy Sonnets (nr 1,5,10,14,18) 1410-1415
Herbert (a lot of religious conceits, poetry shape?, ..):
The Altar 1707
Redemption 1708
Easter Wings 1709
Affliction 1710-1711
The Bunch of Grapes 1718
The Collar 1720-1721
The Pulley 1721
Love 1725
2. Paradise Lost Books I and III.
3. Dryden Absalom and Achitophel: A poem 2214-2236
4. A Modest Proposal.

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