Build a simple database application to manage an online grocery retail store.
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Assume you are about to build a simple database application to manage an online grocery retail store “”. This store will sell grocery items in at least five categories (e.g. vegetables, fruits, diary, beverages, bakery…). A customer can place a single order for many grocery items.
1) Design the database tables and relationships (40 pts).
Your database should contain at least these tables with at least the following necessary information:
• Categories – Category Id, Category Name
• Items – Item Id, Item Name, Unit, Unit Price, Category
• Customers – Customer Id, Customer Name, Shipping Address, Contact Phone
• Orders – Order Id, Order Date, Customer
• OrderDetails – Order, Item, Quantity
(Note: you need to figure out the correct relationships among those tables. Feel free to add more information to the tables if you like to. )
2) Create some data entry forms to efficiently enter categories, customers, and grocery items. Then enter at least 5 categories, 5 customers and 10 items into the database (10 pts).
3) Create a data entry form for entering an order. You should be able to enter multiple OrderDetails inside this form. Then enter at least 10 orders into the database (20 pts).
4) Create a simple report for all customers, listing their contact information in alphabetical order (5 pts).
5) Create a simple report for all grocery items grouped by category (10 pts).
6) Create a simple report for orders within a specific timeframe – it first prompts user to input a starting date and ending date, then it generates the report for all matching orders (15 pts).
7) Save your file as Final_CS250_XXXXX.accdb, where XXXXX is the first five letters of your last name, and submit below.

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