Business reseach case study
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Part 1 Business Research Case Study task (module learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3):
Using secondary sources produce a Business Research Case Study on a topic relevant to your degree specialism.
In order to do this you must select:
a) An organisation to study. The choice of organisation must be approved by your tutor.
b) A topic to study which is relevant to your degree specialism. The choice of topic must be approved by your tutor.
Your assignment should include:
1. A summary of the topic to be covered. The topic should focus on an issue or problem that you have identified the organisation needs to address.
2. A literature review which critically examines the topic you have chosen to address.
3. A short introduction to the background of the organisation you have chosen to study and its environment.
4. An critical evaluation of secondary data in relation to the issue or problem that you have identified within the case study organisation
5. Recommendations for improvements in the case study organisation based on your literature review and your secondary data
Part 2 Reflective Journal tasks (module learning outcomes 4):
1. Reflect on the research journey that led you to choose your topic. Make reference to the academic articles and/or books that you read along the way.
2. Critically evaluate one research skill that you have improved during this module. Explain how you developed this skill during your Business Research Case Study. Reflect on its applicability to your future career plans.
Both points in Part 2 carry equal weight.

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