California Politics Essay
-Write an essay of 2 and a half to 3 pages using material from “California Crack-Up: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It.”
-Develop an argument (or thesis) based on insights you gained from the book. You may use one of the arguments below, or you can make up your own.
California’s political history shows a distinct lack of planning, with a few interesting exceptions. If we want a stable future, we must develop a better process for handling big issues.
When we examine ideas for our future, we should consider our successes and failures. Several of the proposals from Mathews and Paul make sense in light of the history they share.
Mathews and Paul fail to make the case for fundamental change. Our state’s history might seem chaotic, but we have made good progress by making small changes to fit each new era.
-Relate your argument to developments in California history, the present condition of our state, and proposals for the future.
-Write in short or medium-size paragraphs.
-Develop your key points with specific information, insights and quotes from various parts of the book. You may also use material assigned or recommended in this course.
-Try to include at least nine short quotes from the book. (This essay does not emphasize quotes as much as the Selected Book essay. We can leave a bit more room for analysis.)
-Instead of a bibliography, simply mention the book near the beginning of the essay. You might also note what you think is most relevant about the authors.
– Instead of using footnotes, simply give a page number in parentheses.
-In your conclusion, discuss how the insights gained from the book can enrich our understanding of the state we live in (California) and the challenges we face. You might also note how this book relates to your own knowledge or experience.

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