Topic: Can a society exist without religion?
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*A thought-provoking, engaging introduction that describes your own connection to the topic and introduces your reader to it, generally.
*A clear thesis claim that summarizes your persuasive section
* Source-based persuasive section (at least 4 pages, around 5-6 paragraphs) that proves, with research, your thesis statement. I will work with you on the structure of this section.
*A developed conclusion in which you remind the reader of the importance of your topic
*Research support for every important persuasive assertion in your argument, identified for credibility and quoted per the guidelines we have discussed in class
*Clear organization at the essay and paragraph level
Strong, academically appropriate prose with minimal errors
*MLA or APA formatting and documentation style, including Works Cited page and parenthetical citations. URLs must be included for all online sources.
Provide context, history, or relevant definitions so that your reader can understand your argument. The kind of information you include will depend upon your topic.
* Use sources. Make your paragraph academic and informative. Make sure you are including information that your reader probably does not already know.
*Include objective information. Do not make evaluative or argumentative statements in your background paragraph.
Can be ¾ page to a full page in length
*Topics that probably need background paragraphs: Concepts/ideas that are new, not clearly defined or categorized; organizations with histories; social movements that may not be well-known, controversies that have complex policy histories
Topics that probably do not need background paragraphs:
controversies about familiar topics, evaluations of well-defined or older artistic genres, arguments that will require you to introduce unfamiliar elements as you go.
TOPIC: Problem ( Can a society exist without religion?)
•Personal Narrative
•Research-based section (4 pgs)
-Causes of problem (2-4 paras)
-Impacts of problem (2-4 paras)

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