Careers and Specialties/Brain Structure and Function


Careers and Specialties/Brain Structure and Function
Paper details:
Go to Psychology Careers and Specialties (Links to an external site.) 2.Read the information on the different specialty areas within the field of psychology. 3. Write a three-page paper on the two specialties that interest you the most and why. 1.Papers should be in APA format. Information on APA requirements is contained in SHARC in Week 1 Readings & Tools. 2.The paper should have one inch margins and be double spaced. 3.Use 12 point Times New Roman font. 4.Write in the first person. 5.Cite and reference the “Areas of Specialization” web page. 4.Submit assignment as a file attachment. Name the file using your last name and the name of the assignment. For example, jones_wk1_Assignment.

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