chemical bonding
Assignment: Select a concept or issue that was covered in lecture and formulate a question (see examples at the end of this document). This question should be stated explicitly in your assignment, either as the title or in the first paragraph. Select the relevant information from class notes and the textbook, and write a 1-2 page essay (double-spaced, Word ONLY [.doc or .docx], no PDFs): Write an essay addressing this question and discuss the relevance of the concept or issue to helping a community to which you belong. Be sure to include some concrete information that was covered in this unit, explaining why this specific information is relevant to, or useful for, helping your community. Be sure to explain how the information is useful and give examples. Be sure to explain how the information is useful and give examples. Since you will be writing about science from a personal perspective, you should give personal examples and can use personal pronouns (I, we, you, etc.). You do not need to provide citations. Here are some examples of the types of questions you could address: 1) How can information about chemical bonding be used to test physical materials for low cost housing? 2) How can knowledge of aqueous reactions lead to improved water quality? See next page >>>>>> Here is an example of an approach you could take: 3) If A Student had been learning about chemical bonding in this course, and was writing this essay, they might choose this topic, and then relate it to their community in the following way: “When I learned about chemical bonding in this course, I found out that different materials have different properties. Metal materials are held together with metallic bonding, which have good conduction of electricity, malleability, and ductility. Although, metals are very sturdy and can be used for transfer of electricity in a home, they are also relatively expensive. By better understanding ionic bonds, which incorporate metals and nonmetals, we can test physical materials that are sturdy and more cost-effective. Now that I’ve learned more about chemical bonding, I think that this information could be used to help people from my own community to have more affordable housing.” This is an example of an approach you might take and questions you might formulate. This assignment requires that you formulate your own question and approach, so do not use these specific examples for your paper.

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