Child Beauty Pageants
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Follow the stepsbelow and generate a first draft as directed. The minimum word requirement for this first draft is 600 words.Include each of the following elements in your Essay Three first draft:1)What is your focus question? Write out a question that defines the inquiry focus for your research. Aim to pinpoint a specific focus that captures your main interest within your Topic of Inquiry (child beauty pageants). For example, if my TOI is “The most effective approach to getting physically fit,” my focus question could be, “What considerations for nutrition and exercise do I need to include as I design a daily regimen for my weight loss?”Your focus question may change slightly as you locate research sources and develop your research summary. 2)Who is your audience? Describe the audience you imagine for the essay.3)Locate 4-6 research sources to include in the research summary and identify passages that you want to include. Decide whether to quote from the passages directly or paraphrase using your own words. 4) Incorporate your own voice as the writer so that you introduce each source, interpret each source and highlight the value and relevance of each source in your summary paragraphs. As the writer, your voice needs to direct and control the essay’s purpose and introduce and interpret all source material.Minimum word requirement for this first draft writing is 600 words.
Use summary to represent source material relevant to a research focus•Use library resources, inline databases and the internet to locate relevant and credible source information•Summarize, paraphrase and quote sources in a way that clearly maintains control of the writer’s purpose and voice.•Rely on original thinking to actively interpret the value and relevance of source material•Avoid plagiarism

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