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edit my paper and add 2 pages with 2 sources
RESEARCH PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENT The paper should be in APA style, with cover page. There is no need for an abstract. List the sources that you used in a Reference section at the end of the paper. Write a 6-7 page research proposal (60 points) comprised of introduction, method and anticipated findings. You need to use a total of 7 sources (5 relevant peer-reviewed research articles and 2 other academic sources) for your proposal. This is 2 more than in your first literature review assignment. The structure of your proposal should look like this: I. Introduction (1 page) a. introduce topic and problem b. goals and significance of research II. Literature review (3-4 pages) a. Review of relevant and significant literature b. research questions and/or hypotheses III. Method (1 page) a. description of method(s) & procedures IV. (Anticipated) Findings & Potential Contribution (1 page) More specifically, each of these parts addresses the following elements: Your introduction is the most important part of your proposal. An effective introduction discusses the meaningfulness of the study with presentation of problem or issue. Effective problem statements answer the question “Why does this research need to be conducted?” and introduction serves as an argument advocating the need of study for your chosen object and gives a clear insight into your intentions. Thus the introduction presents a background and statement of context for your investigation. The literature review develops broad ideas of what is already known in a field, and what questions are still unanswered. This process will assist you in furthering narrowing the problem for investigation, and will highlight any theories that may exist to support developing hypotheses. A discussion of the present understanding and/or state of knowledge concerning the problem or issue sets the context for your investigation. You must show that you have looked through the literature and show that your investigation is not just “reinventing the wheel.” Research questions and hypotheses are explanations for verification that are proposed before the methods, but after the discussion of background knowledge and/or literature review. The methodology section of your research proposal outlines the strategy for conducting an investigation in order to answer a research question. The connection between the research objectives and the research method must be evident. You need to provide a rationale why the particular methodological approach (quantitative or qualitative) you have chosen is appropriate for your study. Make sure to provide a description of the site and your sample/participants. Then Spring 2016 – COMM 300 (Kong) Page 2 of 2 finally, describe your strategy for collecting data and analysis procedures. Try to provide a stepby-step description of each. Finally, for the “anticipated” findings section, you should discuss the possible outcomes of your proposed study, its relation to theory and literature, and its potential impact or application. This section may also include an interpretation and explanation of results as related to your question; a discussion on or suggestions for further work that may help address the problem you are trying to solve; an analysis of the expected impact of the findings and product on the audience; or a discussion on any problems that could hinder your creative work. A description of the possible forms of the final product, e.g., publishable manuscript, conference paper, exhibit, performance, and others should be provided. Be specific about how you intend to share your results or project with others. Although this is written in anticipation and ideas may change, planning with the end product in mind is a useful exercise.

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