Compare and contrasts the businesses of insurance and banking
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In recent years the boundaries between the banking and insurance industries have become blurred, with many types of ‘bancassurance’ operators and instruments that combine the features of both insurance and banking products.
Compare and contrasts the businesses of insurance and banking. (Your comparison could include such things as the nature of the risks assumed by banks and insurers, the types of products offered by them, management style and culture, distribution channels, profitability and volatility (of profitability) etc. – but it is for you to choose what you think are the most significant similarities and differences).
Example: HSBC
Consider global perspective:
(e.g.) different law restriction for product they offer
Use book and e-journal
Risk management and insurance – Scott E. Harrington, Greg Niehaus c2003
Life and health insurance – Kenneth Black, Harold D. Shipper 1999
Success in insurance – Diacon, S. R., Carter, Robert L. 1992

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