Objective: Compare and contrast the major points of two nursing theorists who significantly impacted nursing in a VENN Diagram.
Include do the nursing theories- support work completed by Patricia Benner? Author Patricia Benner describes the challenges related to moving from being an “expert” level staff nurse to a novice nurse in their new graduate role.
40 (40%)
Identify two theorists with summary paragraphs for each describing, comparing, and contrasting their theories. Include in the paragraphs how the theory supports or does not support Benner’s Theory – Novice to Expert. The written/explanation follows APA format
Format Venn Diagram Points:
50 (50%)
Venn diagram format
APA Format Points:
10 (10%)
APA format with at least 4 references dated between the years of 2016 and 2011. References must include doi or retrieval site. APA format must include a title page, appropriate format, subheadings, references

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