corporate entrepreneurship and innovation
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Select a company you believe to be an example of a corporate entrepreneurship success story or failure. Using the Innovation Audit of Tidd & Bessant (2011), conduct an evaluation of the corporate entrepreneurship performance of this company over the last 5 years (approx 2000 words). Within this section you should:
• Give an overview of the innovative performance of the firm over the last 5 years.
• If the firm is multi national or multi divisional, justify a focus upon one country and / or division.
• Present an innovation audit for that 5 year period by addressing the following areas:
o Explain the CE strategy of the firm and how this has responded historically to threats and opportunities.
o Explain what sources of innovation the firm has used.
o Explain the processes the firm has used to scan for innovative ideas, select the most appropriate ideas and provide resources to develop and implement those ideas.
o Explain the organizational structure and culture and how it has supported or inhibited CE.
o Explain how the firm has demonstrated learning regarding innovation performance.
Building upon your innovation audit, design a corporate entrepreneurship change programme for this company (approx 1000 words). This should:
• Consider current opportunities and threats and recommend how the firm should address these within your country and / or division of focus.
• Be written for a senior manager from that firm to act upon.
• Build upon relevant sources of evidence such as the result of your innovation audit, approaches used by comparator firms and research from empirical journal articles and reputable online sources.
The total word limit for the coursework is 3000 words.
You may exceed the word limit by 10% without penalty.
Reports that gain higher marks will:
• Convince the reader to act.
• Provide evidence of reading around the topic and show a good understanding of the key concepts
• Include relevant theory and evidence and reference sources accurately.
• Critically discuss different viewpoints with arguments carefully developed and clearly expounded
• Show originality of thought
• Have good structure and clear presentation

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