read it carefully,
They must be written on a standard 5’ x 8’ notecard (you may use both sides) and consist of the following:
(a) your name;
(b) the title of the excerpt you are reading, the name of the author (all spelled accurately and correctly punctuated) and the date of its original publication;
(c) 3-4 sentences explaining what you see as the main argument of the excerpt,
(d) a quote from the excerpt supporting your contention that this is the main argument,
(e) 2-3 sentences saying how the quote supports your contention about the main argument as you have presented it above in (c);
(f) 3-4 sentences applying the reading to one of the items listed above under additional texts, your course essay topic, or your own life experience;
(g) 3-4 sentences giving your response as either “I agree with this argument because . . .,” or “I disagree with this argument because . . . .”
Note:  “f” and “g” could be combined in that you explain your agreement or disagreement in terms of how the argument fits or does not fit your application example.  You may type the 5x8er and paste it on to a card.
I will upload printable 5×8 index card as a word document, please use that when completing the assignment. I will paste it on to an index card.
Please read the direction I provided.
Please write a page, with single spaced, paper so that I can paste it on to the card.
( I can only place a order with a two pages paper. Cannot order for one page assignment. So I will place a order as an two pages double spaced paper, but when completing a assignment please complete with a single spaced, one page assignment.) thank you.
Readings on,
Textbook, masters of sociological theory:
Textbook, classical sociological theory by Calhoun:
1. Calhoun Part III: Marx “The German Ideology” pp. 142-145;
2. Calhoun Part III: Marx “The Manifesto of the Communist Party”
3. Calhoun Part III: Marx “The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844” pp. 146-155;

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