Discuss the role played by female labour in the industrial success of the late 19th century North American economies.
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Structuring Your Paper
? Be explicit about the topic of your paper – what question are you asking, why are you bothering
to ask it, what is the answer you have come up with?
? Your paper should be an economics paper (not a history, or sociology, or philosophy paper).
This means you should adopt an analytical approach to your topic that is founded on economic
theory and/or empirical evidence.
? You do not necessarily need to employ theoretical techniques or statistical methods in your
paper (although you may do so if you wish), but your analysis of the literature you are working
with should be informed by these techniques and methods.
? A summary of the relevant literature is a good first step towards writing a good term paper, but
the very best papers will also combine, compare, contrast, and/or critique the literature.
? You do not necessarily need to “choose a side”, although adopting a particular perspective may
help to focus the paper and guide your analysis of the literature.

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