Drama analysis based on the reading of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
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English 1020
Essay #3 –Final Essay—Drama Analysis
DUE DATE—Last day of class
Based on the reading of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, write a 900+ word, thesis-driven essay that responds to the one of the following prompts:
1) Compare and contrast Jack and Algernon, Gwendolen and Cecily, Lady Bracknell and Ms. Prism. Think about these questions when writing:
a)How does this parallel structure relate to the themes of the play? What significance do names and acts of naming or christening hold within the play? What do their names reveal about their personalities and backgrounds?
b)What relationship, if any, do the characters have to the natural world? What’s the significance of setting Act I in the city and Act II and III in the country?
2)Write a character analysis on any of the main characters.
3) “Bunburying” and wearing social masks? Discuss the themes of marriage, morality, or hypocrisy.
Have a strong, clear thesis. Make sure that use MLA style and format. Cite passages from the text to support your thesis. Also, you may need to find other sources to support your ideas. You can find info on the Victorian age in your text book, and you can also find other sources through the library database through JSTOR, Academic Online, etc. I would like you to use one source from the database (or two) and you can use legit source from the web. I am providing you with a few sources that may help you. Feel free to use them. The total amount should be three sources (your text, a source from the database, a source from the database or web). You can use the sources I have given you to count for your three sources.

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