Topic: Dunkin Case
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Dunkin Donuts, which is already available in module 7 – and just follow the case grading rubric that is on BB, you should be able to recover some of the points you lost in the Gino case. Do the profit calculations – they are not particularly difficult once you sort out the numbers and facts. The reason you did so poorly on the Gino case is because you completely ignored the grading rubric. The Dunkin case is your last and best chance to recover – it is worth 150 points, more than all the discussion forum points combined.
I am not saying you can make it to a B- but you can get closer by doing a really good job on the Dunkin case. Look at the alternative options facing the decision makers in the case, do some qualitative analysis as well as strategic thinking…what are DDs goals in the short and long term? What is the best distribution strategy to get them there?

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