Effect of omega-3 on intelligence
I already have written my paper, I will attach an spss file along with excel sheet that has the data. I want you to write the results and analyze the data along with proofreading my paper. In the results section, I want you to compare the effect of omega-3 on intelligence, ADHD and body fat % before and after the intervention which is the supplementation of omega-3 for 4 weeks to 14 participants.
Moreover, I want a discussion which includes: Discuss the results of the study, and make a reference/comparison to findings from other studies listed in the literature review section.(750-1000) words
And lastly, Conclusion and Recommendations (500 words)
Include a brief summary of the findings and recommended next steps based on the results.
Future research or recommendations
You can look at my paper and write the following, results discussion and conclusion.
If you were to add any sources please I want ones that can be accessed online.

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