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The article for your assignment is:
Hall, K.D., et al. (2016). Energy expenditure and body composition changes after an isocaloric ketogenic diet in overweight and obese men. Am J Clinical Nutrition; 104:324–33
This essay will require you to address the following question in relation to the article you selected from the list above:
What is the quality of this article in terms of its design and applicability in answering a research-based question in the health-related field in which the study is conducted?
In answering this question, be sure that you have addressed the following points (using full sentence & paragraph structure):
• Briefly summarise the nature, aims and hypothesis/es of the study.
• Summarise the methods used in the study, including participants, materials and basic procedure.
• Detail the main findings of the study and whether the hypothesis was supported.
• Identify potential threats to validity in the research design.
• In conclusion, propose some suggestions as to how threats to validity could have been resolved so that the research outcomes could have been better applied to the health-related field being
discussed in the article.

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