Topic: English: Reading & Writing teaching activities according to the Australian NSW syllabus
Order Description
Order must be completed by an Australian Writer familiar with the Australian NSW Syllabus and the English Subject.
Task Description:
1) Choose six – ten individual practical teaching activities (either 6 long activities, or 10 short activities) that demonstrate and/or assess the professional skills required of High school English teachers to teach reading and writing according to the NSW syllabus.
The activities must consist of a variety of English text types.
The activities should be practical towards both stage 4 and stage 5 English students.
The activities should teach a mix of reading and writing according to the NSW syllabus.
Activities must be framed around ONE of the following topics.
– Aboriginal Experiences
– Social and environmental sustainability
– Gender perspectives
– Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.
2) Write a 400-500 word evaluation that identifies how these teaching activities address the syllabus content and teach reading and writing. Identify the teacher pedagogy you have used across the activities. Please ensure you reference the source of your activities.

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