Environmental Swarm Project
ISCI 1001 2015 Introduction to the Environment
Swarm Project Instructions
Please familiarize yourself with the following:
Biodiversity: See Withgott Figure 9.13 and discussion on p 261 and pp 264-270.
Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program
Part A (20)
Photos: You are to take one photo of a spontaneous plant species at each of three different sites. The species can be different at each site. Good places to look are unmanaged places full of spontaneous vegetation, sidewalk cracks, parks,…. Photos should show enough of the plant structure to allow for identification of the plant (leaf and stem shapes, flowers, etc.). Try to find an invasive species listed on the Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program site. If you aren’t located in Ontario, try to find invasive species that affect your area.
Paper: You are to write a five page paper (maximum) about invasive species. Using examples, the paper should explain what an invasive species is; how invasive species affect biodiversity and how this in turn affects ecosystem services. Identify one of the plants you photographed and explain what ecosystem service this plant might affect. If the plant is an invasive species, explain how it might affect ecosystem services. The text of the paper should be double-spaced, 12 point font. The paper should contain references to the sources used in your paper. Each reference should be listed in the Reference list at the end of the paper, and there should be an in-text citation in the text that points to the reference. Sources should be academic journals, government information, books (no Wikipedia or similar information).

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