Events Industry in the Middle East and North Africa Region: Oppurtunities and Challenges
Critically discuss the evolution and development of the event industry in the MENA region identifying size, range and scope of activities, market and role.
Paper Organization & Content (50%)
•Clearly defined purpose and scope of the paper (5%).
•Logical and interrelated flow of ideas building on a theme (15%).
•Detailed discussion of size, range and scope, market and role (15%).
•Critical analysis of content (10%).
•Conclusions or Summary (5%).
Sources and Quality of information (35%)
•Relevant sources of information (15%).
•Proper use of primary and secondary sources of information (15%).
•Range of information sources including academic references (5%).
Overall Flow (15%)
•Referencing protocols evident and consistent (5%).
•Professionally presented (10%).
•Academic writing style (5%)
Also, Emphasize the benefits of 2020 World Expo in Dubai and 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and how this two major events will benefit the region.
Use a few pictures on the cover page,
Use a few charts or tables in the paper

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