Explain the sublime’s appeal to the Romantics, and support your response with one work of visual art or literature from this period, and find another example of the sublime from your own personal history. (At minimum, you should use
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Due Oct 18, 2015 11:59 PM Each research essay must be at least 250 words and have the word count in the subject line. These essays are not merely reflective exercises. Although you may be creative, you will also have to demonstrate that you are engaging with the course materials and demonstrating academic research following proper citation procedures and using at least one research source beyond your eText. Either the MLA or APA format will be permitted. Do NOT use Wikipedia or other encyclopedias (online, etc.) only. It is a 10 point deduction if you ONLY use Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia in your works cited section as the research source. Of course, you may use it as a starting place. 1. Essays will have a clear thesis statement and introduction, clear development of topics, good transitions, support of statements with appropriate details, and a strong conclusion with good use of quotes with analysis. 2. They will be well researched and detailed, show evidence of original thought and analysis, and demonstrate critical thinking using specific examples which supports the thesis. 3. There will be few, if any spelling or grammar errors. 4. There will be a citation section containing sources which are academically reputable and correctly formatted according to MLA or APA style. USE SPELL CHECK 5. You must research and cite at least one source BEYOND your eText.

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