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1. When observers speak of “the Great Chief Justice” they almost invariably refer to John Marshall. To what extent does our Constitution bear the stamp of Marshall’s interpretation? Is there a theme or set of principles underlying all of Marshall’s opinions (i.e., is there a Marshallian view of the Constitution?) In what areas do Marshall’s great opinions still hold sway and in what areas have they fallen by the wayside?
2. You have spent a semester noting that the meaning of the Constitution shifts and sways over time – a meaning is established, it is abandoned in favor of a new understanding, that understanding is modified, and (perhaps) an older meaning is reestablished. Take a look at the work of the Supreme Court over the last 25 years (the Rehnquist-Roberts Court). Do you discern any pattern(s) in the way that Court has interpreted the Constitution? Do you see any specific trends developing? Explain with appropriate examples.
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