Final Executive Summary
In this assignment, you will write a final executive summary describing which of the two countries (yours or your classmate’s)( Saudi Arabia and US) is best to execute your company’s strategy for the hybrid scooter. Synthesizing the information you have gathered is an important skill upon which your company’s management team may rely for decision making.
Based on your analysis in the Unit 7, 8, and 9 assignments, write a recommendation to your management team on the following:
•Of the countries you researched, which one has the best economic market for this product? In which country will it sell best and why?
•Which country would have the best chance of attracting talent? Be sure to include which country is more likely to have an employee base with the skill sets necessary for the sales representative position, based on the research you conducted during the course on demographics, literacy rates, et cetera.
•What cultural factors will most influence recruitment strategies?
•Based on what you know of the culture of the country you’re recommending, what obstacles, if any, might you encounter as you train new hires on teamwork in this environment?
•How will you design a training environment that minimizes these obstacles?

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