Florida’s Counties, including Brevard County
How many counties are in the state of Florida? How many counties in Florida operate under charters? What is a charter? Is Brevard a charter county? If so, when was its charter adopted? Is it a “home rule charter?” What is a home rule charter? What does Florida’s Constitution say about counties operating under county charters? Explain what you think this means. Which of our government activities are conducted at the county level in Brevard County? (For example, in Florida, elections are conducted at the county level, by each county’s Supervisor of Elections, and county roads are maintained by each county’s public works department, under the Board of County Commissioners.) Give at least two examples, as I did above, of the duties of at least two county offices. Also provide the names, and any additional information you may find (such as when they were elected and for how long they may serve), of the elected or appointed officials currently serving in these offices.

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