Fundamentals of Marketing “Segmentation Strategy / Target Consumers” for ADIDAS
Paper details:
TOPIC is: Writing about the Segmentation Strategy / Target Customers in regards of ADIDAS related to the world leagues and matches, football. **Make sure that YOU HAVE to convince and make sure to related all to MARKETING TERMS and Terminologies. **MUST be 0% plagiarism. *Citing properly and referencing (ONLY SCHOLARLY SOURCE). (SOURCES MUST BE Maximum 1 / One Year OLD ONLY)… *APA format 6th Edition. SIMPLE ENGLISH language. Perfect examples and evidences, etc relating to the topic. *TOPIC is to be concentrated on Adidas and MARKETING Adidas. Need to be specific / scholarly and to the point. NO MATERIALS MUST BE USED FROM: SCRIBD, SLIDE SHARE, and so on, etc. . (Other Peoples work are prohibited and not allowed). *Please note: Market segments are identified and explained, target markets are identified and their choice is justified, and there is a clear description of how the company should be positioned within the/those target segments.
*Use of some sepcific graphs, charts, etc. related to topic for illustration.

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