Gathering Input
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Part 1: Gathering Input Across Systems
Submit a short paper of 3–4 pages that analyzes, evaluates, and synthesizes your planned approach to best obtain ideas, comments, and information from diverse perspectives in the organization. Remember the assignment is not about the results of collecting information and analyzing it, but about how you approach problem solving and integrate perspectives to do this better. You should analyze the approach you propose, why it is best, and how this will solve problems effectively.
The idea behind analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing is to do more than simply reading and reporting on what you have read. Take the information sources and think reflectively and critically about them. Submit this and plan to include:
What seems to be valid, where are there differences and similarities, and where are there gaps or controversies?
How can you integrate the information into a well thought out and comprehensive solution to the issues you are trying to address?
How will you formulate your methods for integrating multiple voices into this plan that you are designing to make future improvements.
Support your work on this assignment with analysis and evaluation of the literature that includes at least five citations.

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