Global Governance and Climate change
Please write a critical review on chapter 7 of matthew Hoffman’s book.. Please see link to google ebook..

Please do not use turnitin checker.

Please include:
1. Complete and accurate reference to the article and references to other text wherever appropriate;
2. Well developed and sophisticated coverage of key issues and themes without being overly descriptive (i.e. Don’t just repeat what the author says, explain how and why you think it strengthens or weakens his overall argument).
3. Critical engagement with the strengths and weaknesses of the article including your own informed argument (i.e based in the relevant literature) about the validity of the article’s conclusions or insights;
4. a reference listing the sources you have referenced, including the article itself.

Also read widely and draw on a range of additional sources in order to support, justify and substantiate the analysis of the reading.
Include other additional sources.

Link to book: chapter 7

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