‘gun buyback’
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Respond to the following: Given the recent number of mass shootings (Newtown, CT; Aurora CO etc.) some American’s are questioning what the most appropriate response to the availability of guns should be.
Given what you have just read (along with additional research) comment on the effectiveness of ‘gun buyback’ strategies in our nation’s cities.
Discussion Board guidelines
Your contributions to the discussion forums will be graded for quality and a detailed analysis linking the material to a critical appraisal of theory, policy, and practice. In all cases, students must cite in-text and provide a full bibliography/works cited at the end of their post for all citations mentioned in the post.
The initial post should be the equivalent of 1 page in length or a minimum of 350 words and should include one outside source (i.e., a source outside the regular readings assigned for the week/course).

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