In order to help you organize your thoughts on this topic, you will now complete a
reading response.
1) Key Findings: highlight what you think are the key findings from the reading(s).
2) Discussion: this is not a summary, instead you should discuss you reaction to
these findings. Example prompts for discussion (rather than summary): Place the key
findings in a broader perspective – what does this tell us about people out in the real
world or how does this connect to what you’ve learned in other classes? Are there an
issues with the study that need to be taken into account discussing the findings?
What would you do different if you were to do a followup study? (NOTE: you do not
need to answer these prompts, they are simply examples of discussion rather than
Choose one or more of the readings from the evolution and individual differences
lecture or the psychopathology lecture to discuss (feel free to discus the optional
readings). Responses should be around 250-300 words in length.

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