Hong Kong’s Autonomy: Comparative Analysis
Write a research paper for HK Constitutional Law referring to HK Basic Law. Below are descriptions: A high degree of autonomy is not clearly defined in the Hong Kong Basic Law. Instead Article 2 refers only to HK’s exercise of “executive, legislative and independent judicial power, including that of final adjudation”. You will be expected to focus on COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS. In particular, you should research and compare the autonomy in HK exercises under the HK Basic Law with autonomy in AT LEAST ONE (suggesting 3) other autonomous region elsewhere in the world. You may also make reference to recent events in HK that may affect the extent of HK’s automony . However, such recent event should not be your main focus, and you should be careful to ensure you write a research paper which focuses on the LEGAL issues and NOT A POLITICAL ESSAY. You will be expected to do as more reaserch as possible and search for further sources.

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