Topic: Immigration and Asylum Law
Order Description
1. Candidates are required to answer the TWO questions in total; taking ONE question
from Section A and ONE question in Section B.
2. Both work shall be approximately 1,500 words each (excluding footnotes,
bibliography and research diary) and carry equal marks. Students must enter a word
count at the beginning of their essay. Both essays must be part of one single
submitted coursework.
Word Length for both questions: 3000 WORDS
3. Each question answered must contain a paragraph in the form of a ‘research
diary’ indicating how the research was carried out and materials were located. Each
question must contain its own bibliography.
4. Answers must contain appropriate research references with respect to the
immigration and asylum discourse through relevant book chapters, journal articles
and other material; policy papers; specific provisions of domestic legislation and
statutory instruments; articles of international and European agreements or
treaties; and relevant domestic and international jurisprudence. Failure to make
appropriate references may be penalized in the marking of answers.
5. The preferred method of citation shall be OSCOLA, with marks being awarded for
full and consistent references.
Section A ( Essay)
1. ‘The Common European Asylum System is under pressure from recent political
developments in Europe, including the imminent referendum in the United
Assess the challenges to protection of refugee rights in the United Kingdom and
Europe under the Dublin Regulations 2014, European Convention on Human
Rights 1950 and the Convention for the Status of Refugees 1951.
Section B ( Problem question)
2. Anatoly, an ethnic Russian from Ukraine, is seeking asylum in the United
Kingdom (UK). He used to work in Macedonia and entered the European Union
(EU) through Greece illegally where his spouse is seeking medical treatment. He
has a brother in Italy who is seeking asylum there and helped Anatoly come to
Europe through traffickers. United Kingdom authorities found some French
newspapers in Anatoly’s bag and an expired French visa on his Ukrainian
Advise Vasily, Anatoly’s cousin living in the UK, on the legal framework under
Dublin III Regulation and the Human Rights Act 1998 against Anatoly’s removal
from the United Kingdom.

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